Below you will find sermons written by Pastor Jessie Squires Colwell. Enjoy:-) There may be some typos as these are the original manuscripts.

January 2021
January 3: “Searching for Christ”  Watch the service here.
January 10: “Cleansed Anew”  Watch the service here.
January 17: “Come and See!”  Watch the service here.
January 24: “Amazing Grace”  Watch the service here. By Jeff Thompson our charge lay leader.
“Healing of Jesus” Sermon Series
January 31: “Healing in Many Forms”  Watch the service here.
February 7: “The Healing Touch of Jesus”  Watch the service here.
February 14: “The Glory of the Lord”  Watch the service here. Transfiguration Sunday

February 17: “Ashes of Life” Watch the service here.

“Wandering in the Wilderness” Sermon Series
February 21: “Wandering in the Wilderness” Wach the service here.
February 28: “Wandering Through Fire” Watch the service here.
March 1: “Wandering Through Water”  Watch the service here.


January 2020
January 5: “Starting Over”
January 12: “Come and See”

“Which Way, Lord?” Sermon Series
January 19: “Preparing for Purpose”
January 26: “Which Way, Lord?”

February 3: “Facing Adversity”
February 9: “Dealing with Detours”
February 16: “Relying on God”
– to reflect look at Rembrandt’s painting: “Christ in the Storm of the Sea of Galilee”
February 23: “Developing Tenacity”

Lent: “The God We Can Know” Sermon Series
Ash Wednesday: “Making Room”

March 1: “Knowing the Great ‘I Am'”
March 8: “I Am the Bread of Life”

– Online worship begins…to view go here.

March 15: “I Am the Light of the World”
March 22: “I Am the Good Shepherd”
March 29: “I Am the True Vine”
April 5, Palm Sunday: “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life”
April 12, Easter Sunday: “I Am the Resurrection and the Life”

                                         “Revival” Sermon Series
April 19: “Precursors to Revival”
April 26: “A Longing For Holiness”
May 3: “A Crisis of Faith”
May 10: “The Necessity of Grace”
May 17: “Works of Mercy”

May 24: “What A Mess!” by District Superintendent, Rev. Danny Kesner
May 31: “Gathered Together”
June 7: “Living the Creed”
June 14: “A Ministry of Hospitality”

                                 “Our New Normal: A Journey Through Acts” Sermon Series
June 21: “Becoming the Church”
June 28: “What God Has Done”
July 5: Guest Preacher Susan Pullin “What God Does”
July 12: “Discernment and Change” Listen to the sermon here.
July 19: “Facing Opposition” Listen to the sermon here.
July 26: “Saints Around the Edges” Listen to the sermon here.
August 2: “This Changes Everything!”Listen to the sermon here.
August 9: “Faith’s Hidden Treasure” Susan Pullin to watch go here.
August 16: “Servants Like Us”  Jeff Thompson, Charge Lay Leader, to watch go here.
August 23: “A New Song” Listen to the sermon here.

                         “The Healing Stories of Jesus” Sermon Series

August 30: “The Kingdom of God is Arriving” Listen to the sermon here.
September 6: “Waiting for the Lord” Listen to the sermon here.
September 13: “Faith, Wherever It Can Be Found” Listen to the sermon here.
September 20: “Who is Worthy?”  Listen to the sermon here.


September 27: “When There is No Healing”   Watch the service here.
October 4: “Looking Forward” Watch the service here.

                                      “Grateful” Sermon Series

October 11: “Feeling Grateful”  Watch the service here.
October 18: “Grateful for Christ”  Watch the service here.
October 25: “Habits of Gratitude”  Watch the service here.
November 1: “Thankful for the Saints”  Watch the service here.
November 8: “Intentional Practice”  Watch the service here.
November 15: “Grateful Together”   Watch the service here.
November 22: “Circles of Gratitude”  Watch the service here

                            Advent: “Making Room” Sermon Series
November 29: “Be A Neighbor”  Watch the service here.
December 6: “Welcome Strangers”  Watch the service here.
December 13: “Leave the Light On”  Watch the service here.
December 20: “Walking Home” Watch the service here.
December 24:  Watch the service here.
December 27: “Follow the Star”  Watch the service here


January 2019
January 6: “Looking for Christ”
January 13: “Baptized in the Spirit” Homily 1.13.19

Beatitudes Sermon Series
January 20: “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit and Those Who Mourn”
January 27: “Blessed Are Those Who Are Meek”
February 3: “Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted”
February 10: Guest Preacher
February 17: “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”
February 23: “Blessed are the Merciful and Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness”
March 3: “Blessed Are You When People Insult You”

“Final Words from the Cross” Sermon Series
March 10: “Father Forgive Them”
March 17: “Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise”
March 24: “Behold Your Son…Behold Your Mother”
March 31: “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”
April 7: “I Thirst”
April 14: Palm Sunday: “The Servant King”
April 21: Easter Sunday: “He Has Risen!”
April 28: Guest Preacher

May 5: “Using Our Stories for God’s Glory”
May 12: “The Faith of a Mother”
May 19: “A New Thing”
May 26: “Waiting on the Lord”
June 2: “The Cross that Unifies”
June 9: “The Rush of the Spirit”
June 16: “Faith of Our Fathers”
June 23: “Chain Breaker”
June 30: “Follow Me”
July 7: Guest Preacher

“Sticks and Stones Sermon Series: The Things We Say”
July 14: “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin”
July 21: “You Will Be in My Thoughts and Prayers”
July 28: “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”
August 4: “The Prosperity Gospel”
August 11: “The Prosperity Gospel”
August 18: “Everything Happens For A Reason”

“Called Sermon Series”
August 25: “Excuses, Excuses”
September 1: “Blessed Wrestling”
September 8: “Called in Community”
September 15: “The Second Call of Jonah”
September 22: “Called to Serve”
September 29: “Called to Preach the Good News” Guest speaker, Denise Mattison

October 6: “Faith Like a Mustard Seed”
October 13: “The Mercy of Christ”
October 20: Laity Sunday, guest speakers
October 27: “Embracing Our Neighbors”

November 3: All Saints Day: “Cloud of Witnesses”

“Thankful for the Trinity Sermon Series”

November 10: “Thankful for Resurrection”
November 17: “Thankful for Our Creator”
November 24: “Thankful for the Holy Spirit” Guest Preacher

Advent “Almost Christmas” Sermon Series
December 1: “Altogether Hope”
December 8: “Altogether Love”
December 15: “Altogether Joy”
December 22: “Altogether Peace”
Christmas Eve: “Altogether Expecting a Miracle”
December 29: Guest Preacher